Friday Facts – Feb 12

In two days people in America and around the world will observe a day of romance, love and friendship to celebrate Saint Valentine. It is observed with gifts of candy, flowers, greeting cards, romantic dinners, and other unique celebrations. Not all countries celebrate on February 14, we will look at those another time. A few of the countries celebrating on February 14 are:

United Kingdom

The celebration of Valentine’s Day dates back to the Victorian age when valentines were sent to a romantic interest. It was believed that signing one’s name to the card was bad luck.

The U.K. was the originator of the tradition of sending roses, which were the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love.


In Japan women make the first move by giving gifts to men. A popular gift for Japanese women to give is honmei-choco, a homemade chocolate.

Men in Japan return the gesture on March 14, White Day. Gifts of white chocolate or other white gifts are popular.

South Korea

In South Korea as in Japan, women make the first move on February 14 and men return the gesture on White Day, March 14.

However, South Korea celebrates a third holiday. On April 14, Black Day, friends celebrate being single. They gather to eat a noodle dish of white noodles in a black sauce.


Valentine’s Day has only been celebrated in Denmark since the early 1990’s and is celebrated with a twist. Instead of roses, friends and lovers exchange pressed white flowers, called snowdrops.


Some believe that the Valentine’s card originated in France when the Duke of Orleans sent love letters to his imprisoned wife in the Tower of London. Cards continue to be a popular tradition throughout the world today.

I wish you all a Happy Valentine’s Day with much love, friendship and goodwill.

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