Soup, the Ultimate Comfort Food

Soup is my ultimate comfort food! I love to make soup; and I love to eat soup. If you follow my blog you have probably seen a few of my creations.

While I do try to keep my soups healthy, I must admit to enjoying a nice creamy soup, like broccoli and cheese or New England clam chowder, a creamy baked potato with bacon warms my soul too.

I invite you to take a look back at a few of the soups I have enjoyed and are pictured above.

And what goes better with a hearty bowl of soup than a slice of crusty bread? Take a look back at my Homemade French Baguettes.

Doesn’t all this talk about soup and bread make you want to head to the kitchen? Or a restaurant? It does me.

Thanks gc and Susan for this week’s word prompt – SOUP.

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